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Dr. Maya Angelou - A Lyrical Spectacle

We are thankful for the personal connection we experienced through the years of our friendship.  Her words held us together in her brilliant legacy.
In these artworks her cursive stimulates the reader/viewer through their fluid forms.  They alternate in bas relief and intaglio engraving.  Bright colors and shapes punctuate the inner meaning and essential understanding of her graphic poetry.

The pairing of her video and audio images play in harmony with the artistic engraved artworks.  It gives the viewer a multi-dimensional experience of her lyrics.  It is more than just assembled words on a page.  It is culture and hope brought to  the entire human experience.

A constantly changing dance of light and shadow enhances each cursive letter of each word.  These images are a form for anchoring one's reality to hers.  It starts an inner conversation and dialogue about her words and intentions.  Letting go and embracing a conversation; awakens our emotions to a deeper understanding of who we are and where we can go...

"That is when and only when we come to it."

David Sugar and Carol Iselin

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