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A Letter About the Poet Maya

She was an important part of our history.  The poetic language and architecture of each word emote such emotion and feeling.  Her words wove together concepts and context which touch and caress our souls.

The power and mastery of poetry entice and inspire the viewer in a potent and subtle way.

Thank God that we got to spend such quality time with her and bask in her love.  From the beginning it was our intention to create a multi-dimensional immersive experience.  It was our purpose to shine an everlasting light on her life, her works and her love.

The dance of color, light and shadows enhance each letter of each cursive word in a way never seen before in print.  Like a fingerprint, the ebb and flow of her handwritten words allows the viewer into her intimate creation of these poems. The video presentation of her reciting the poems at the U.N. shows the exquisite tambour, cadence and rhythm of her voice.

She loved the bold vibrant colors used to amplify her words.  The artwork enhanced the visual, textual and dimensional presentation of her engraved words.  The bas-relief letters rise from the surface of the glass panel.  The tactile depth, form, color, light and shadow create a three-dimensional immersive experience.  They work together to entice the viewer to reach out and touch her words.  They are a metaphoric bridge connecting the tangible and the intangible aspects of humanity.

They combine contradictions and illuminate our collective potential harmony.  Her unique vision was her indominable spirit and her heartfelt empathy for all humanity.
Maya had an incredible love of humanity and sought to bring us all together.  Her recognition of our similarity to share in a communal dream lives on in her poems.  It is imperative to illuminate her legacy of truth and vision for future generations.

“Still like dust, I rise!  That is when and only when we come to it!”

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