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About  David Sugar and Carol Iselin

In 2007 I had a discussion with Dr. Angelou about collaborating with my partner Carol Iselin and myself in a series of engraved crystal artworks based on her handwritten cursive poems. 

Dr. Angelou created most of her poems in handwritten form on yellow legal pads.  I was blessed to be friends with her for years.  I was almost hypnotized by the tambour and rhythm in her voice.  Often transfixed by her lyrical and powerful voice.

When she spoke, all around her quietly listened. Her expressive eyes and mouth amplified each and every word she spoke.  They took me from the coarse external world to her inner realms of beauty and understanding.

The depth of our continued friendship resounded with each others’ respect for the creative process.

In the 90s, Carol and I had created an empowered and painted portrait.  She loved the crystal engraved portrait and it was displayed in her North Carolina home.

In 2002 Carol and I discussed an artistic collaboration with her.  She liked the concept and agreed to work with us on the project.  The idea was to engrave and illuminate an important poem of hers in her actual handwritten cursive text. 

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